200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Dehradun

The science of Yoga needs no introduction as it has become a popular activity that is followed by the people all around the world to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the increasing popularity of Yoga, the demand for Yoga Trainers has also increased as never before and this is why many people take it as the best career option. As the profile of Yoga teacher training requires a proper certification, thus it is necessary for the aspirants to become certified Yoga Teachers from a good and reliable Yoga Institute.


The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training organized by HariOm Yoga is for the aspirants who want to learn Yoga for becoming a professional Yoga Trainer. This Yoga training course includes everything that you need to learn in Yoga for becoming a better trainer. The functional understanding of Yoga is essential and this is why we, at HariOm Yoga ensure to train people in the way that they can easily start a promising career in Yoga.

Along with the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, there are also a number of other courses that are provided by our institute are for the people who want to take Yoga as a full time or a part-time career option. It completely depends on the interest of an individual in learning Yoga as this is what helps in choosing the best course that can provide people with a promising career.

The courses provided by HariOm Yoga include each and every aspect of theory as well practical of Yoga so that people can easily take it as a career and become expert professionals with time. The syllabus of all the courses provided by our Yoga Institute includes everything that one needs to learn about becoming a professional Yoga Teacher.

Our institute, HariOm Yoga is committed to impart the knowledge of Yoga with the people who want to learn it for professional purposes. We follow all the modern techniques that can make it easy for the aspirants to learn this holistic way of living in a better and easy manner.

The schedule for all the Yoga Training courses that are provided by our institute include all the Yoga postures, Mantra chanting, and spiritual practices that a professional should know for becoming an expert Yoga teacher.

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced level of Yoga teacher training and this course is the best for people who are interested in learning the science fo Yoga in depth.

Why choose us ?

  • Our Yoga Institute, HariOm Yoga has all the facilities that not only help aspirants to understand the science of Yoga but we also help them to become better humans by introducing the way of living a yogic lifestyle.
  • Our institute is located in the surrounding of beautiful lush green trees that can make you enjoy, relax, and learn Yoga for becoming an expert teacher.
  • Contact us today to get enrolled in the Yoga course of your choice and we can ensure to offer you the best Yoga Training.

Yoga Fees

200 hours yoga teacher training centre in rishikesh

Discover a 100 Hr, 200 Hr, Retreat 7 Days, 15 Days yoga instructor education publications value with certification with us. Yoga instructor education at pleasant costs.

200 hours yoga teacher training school in rishikesh

100 Hour TTC

Rs. 15,000/-

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200 hours yoga teacher training classes in rishikesh

200 Hour TTC

Rs. 20,000/-

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200 hour yoga classes in rishikesh

300 Hour TTC

Rs. 30,000/-

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Rs. 1,200/-

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Rs. 1,800/-

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200 HOUR YOGA TTC in Dehradun


Rs. 2,300/-

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Yoga Retreat 7 Days

Rs. 5,000/-

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Yoga Retreat 15 Days

Rs. 10,000/-

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best 200 hour yoga in rishikesh

MA Yoga

Rs. 50,000/-

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1 Year Diploma

Rs. 25,000/-

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Certificate in Yoga
( 6 Month )

Rs. 11,000/-

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