300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dehradun

Immerse yourself in an exciting journey into the world of yogic practices and spirituality in the well-known capital of yoga during a 300 hour course of yoga instructors in Hariom Yoga School, Dehradun, India. The sacred place where our Hariom Yoga School is located is ideal for a deep and comprehensive yoga experience. Fill your heart and spirit with the divine and touch exquisite excellence on the banks of the sacred Ganges River with a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dehradun.

300 Hour Yoga TTC in Dehradun

For both beginner teachers and experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge of the traditional teachings of yoga, a 300 hour course of instructors will be an ideal start on the road to their lofty goals. In our 300 Hour Yoga TTC in Dehradun, we strive to bring inspired practitioners closer to their ideals with sensitivity and inspirational energy. Here are some highlights of the 300-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor Course:

  • We believe in teaching, based on methods that go back to the roots of tradition, and transmitted to students in its purest form. For this reason, the subjects of study at our school in Dehradun are the two most traditional styles - Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.
  • In the course of Human Anatomy, we will lead you to an understanding of the physical structure of the human body, linking this knowledge with the principles of the teachings of yoga. The idea of the internal processes of the body, as well as its external structure, through the prism of the teachings of yoga is absolutely necessary in order to become an outstanding teacher and achieve success in personal practice.
  • You will be trained to perfectly perform various asanas during classes that pay attention to the alignment and alignment of positions. You will learn how to avoid injuries and injuries when performing asanas, and in the future learn how to tune your body and mind to perceive more subtle levels of yoga practice.
  • Yoga is not an art of physical forms, but discipline and a way of life. You will learn about the ethical foundations (pit) and rules of conduct (niyama), which, in accordance with Yoga Sutras, are the intellectual basis for yoga promotion.
  • Part of the course is breathing. During the practice of Pranayama therapy, you will learn about the art of breathing control and its use in order to regulate physical and spiritual energy, leading to the calming of the mind.

The 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dehradun helps you achieve inner balance through deep and intense meditation techniques, including the practice of Yoga Nidra. You will be able to reconnect with your inner essence and inner energy on the way to the complete transformation of the body and spirit. During the course, you will gradually begin to feel your mental, physical and spiritual recovery, and you will also be ready to recognize many other wonderful effects as a result of practice.

Official certification for the end of the 300 Hour Yoga TTC in Dehradun

A month-long journey completed during the 300-hour course of yoga instructors will be an invaluable asset. Awareness of this will be complemented by the joy of the rewards received at the end of the training program. The knowledge gained from a 300-hour instructor course in India will help you on your journey to self-liberation and enlightenment. As a graduate of the 300-hour yoga course at “Hariom Yoga School”, you will not only have the opportunity to actively develop in the future as a practitioner, but will also be accredited as a yoga teacher with the RYT-300 Yoga Alliance certificate.


Study of the asanas and the subsections of the second series (by the end of the course, in principle, we plan to practice the guided series, even if this objective must then be carefully considered based on the technical level of the participants since some asanas of the second series present high difficulties and its complete practice requires a "training" that derives from constant daily practice) Art of helping: Theory and practice to develop effective communication skills. This part of the course is divided into the following parts: -

reading by the teacher explaining how to structure a helping relationship and the principles that govern it based on the knowledge of the studies -like actively listen to students and understand from their words whether there is room for help or not, how and when. If there is not this help space, how to communicate it in a way that helps both teacher and student

  • how to manage time in a practice session and in the technical progression of a student in the months or years of practice
  • how to manage different types of students (age, level and experience) in the same class
  • how to manage the different areas of interest in yoga and integrate them in practice
  • how to monitor the growth and development of students from one year to another.

Teaching practice

Part of the course is devoted to the practice of teaching Yoga and in particular the first series of ashtanga vinyasa. Students' communication skills will be analysed and developed through a positive and encouraging language to create trust and self-esteem, using feedback as the main tool to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Study of the learning stages grid.

Teaching ethics

How to behave with people and use their role as a teacher in a positive way for students and teachers. During the course simple but effective indications are given on what to do and what to avoid:

  • how to collect information
  • how to behave with students with health problems
  • how to communicate and which words to choose while correcting a person during a lesson
  • how, when and in what is the case to touch a person during the lesson to correct it
  • how to manage the time during a lesson and how to take the time if a student requires attention avoiding getting involved

Yoga Fees

100 hour yoga teacher training centre in rishikesh

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100 hour yoga teacher training school in rishikesh

100 Hour TTC


(With Yoga Alliance USA Certificate)

  • Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation
  • Anatomy and Philosophy
  • Cleansing
  • 15 Day Course
  • 1 Day Tour
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga
  • Food & Room
  • Certificate

100 hour yoga teacher training classes in rishikesh

200 Hour TTC


(With Yoga Alliance USA Certificate)

  • Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation
  • Anatomy and Philosophy
  • Cleansing
  • 28 Day Course
  • 1 Day Tour
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Food & Room
  • Certificate
  • Advance Classes
  • Hatha, Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga
  • Body and Emotional Detoxification

100 hour yoga classes in rishikesh

300 Hour TTC


(With Yoga Alliance USA Certificate)

  • Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation
  • Anatomy and Philosophy
  • Cleansing
  • 35 Day Course
  • 2 Day Tour
  • Yoga Theory
  • Food & Room
  • Certificate
  • Advance Classes
  • Naturopathy and Emotional Rebalancing
  • Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training - Daily Classes Timing

Time Schedule
7am to 9am Asana Classes
9am to 10am Breakfast
10am to 12pm Theory Classes
12pm to 2pm Self Study
2pm to 4pm Rest & Lunch Time
4pm to 6pm Asana Classes
7pm to 9pm Dinner
10pm Light Off

Yoga Teacher Training - 2020 Dates

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